The Story...

1980 -

My name is Brent Bailey. I first started playing guitar at 8. My mom who was a folk / classical guitarist, showed me the basics, 1st fret chords etc, but I didnt really start taking guitar seriously until 14 (1980). With influences like Van Halen, Iron Maiden , Judas Preist. But when I heard Randy Rhoads of Ozzy, I decided then, that this is what I wanted to play like. I loved his style of playing. Randy Rhoads was a huge influence on my playing back then.

By the time I was 18 I could play most anything from Ozzy / Randy to Yngwie Malmsteen etc. Then I got into Joe Satriani in the 90s. Another amazing player that I really like. The guy has incredible feeling, melody, and versitility in his playing, which you dont see alot of in the majority of guitar players. I also want to mention another major influence on my playing was Dimebag Darrel of Pantera. The guy had great style and re-shaped metal in the 90's.

As for gear at 14 I played a number of low end electric guitars.. les paul copies. But in the summer of 81 I worked my ass off and bought my first real nice guitar . An O'hagan Shark Custom made by Jemar Corp. This guitar played great and is what really accelerated my playing. Over the years I modified it by putting in a pre-amp switch and coil tap switches. It was a beast and sounded like it thru any amp it plugged into.

In 1989 I got an Ibanez rg550 that pretty much changed my playing with the addition of a tremblo bar. I changed the pickups out for a Dimarzio "Fred" a Joe Satch pickup but eventually went to EMG's an 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck. It has been my main ax since 1989 and though its had several paint jobs and has been used and abused at countless crazy gigs. It still plays great and remains my main ax. Ive had alot of other guitars including a 1988 Ibanez JEM FLP, which I used as a backup and for different tunings.

I played through a number of amps before I settled on a Marshall JCM 800 combo amp. I eventually traded it for a rack mounted Peavy 60 /60 stereo amp through a 4x12 cab w/ celestions which I played through until 2004 when I upgraded to a 30th Anniversary Marshall half stack. The most versitle amp Ive ever played aside from a friends Mesa Boogie Stiletto, but it had different tone. Of the 2 amps, I like the Marshall 30th sound /tone better.

The gear I use currently. In original music I use The Ibanez RG 550, With a 30th Anniversary Marshall half stack. Gear I have in the rack, a Furman PQ4 EQ , Korg rack tuner, and a Rocktron HUSH noise gate. As for pedal effects on the floor, I run in order of signal , Cry Baby wha , Zakk wylde MXR distortion pedal (givin to me by Zakk Wylde), Boss stereo chorus , Boss stereo delay. In cover bands I dont use the rack effects / the Furman EQs / Noise gate. I just use the floor pedal effects and the KORG tuner.

1989: Critical Mass

In 1989 I joined a cover band Critical Mass with the Brown Brothers Johnny and Kenny. Lots of good times, parties ,played a few shows at clubs, made for a super tight 3 piece, great dudes to play with.

1991-1993: Tantrum

In 1991 I joined up with Kirk Killer, Tim Killer, Jimmy Sheehan. We chose to write own own music rather than do covers. In about a years time we were ready to record. We ended up recording at Dizzyland Studios in Dover N.H with Hank Dekcon then guitar player and frontman for Nevada Beach / Rosie. His studio is the best studio that Ive recorded at. We did play out here and there but in the end, Jimmy left to pursue other interests, and that was the end of Tantrum.

1.Save the World
2.Shes Coming Now
3.Run like Hell
7.Step Aside

1992: CJ Walo Project

A friend CJ Walo was doing a recording at Dizzyland Studios. At this recording, CJ wanted me to put lead and rythme tracks on 4 songs. As it turned out it was a big jam session with several musicians there to put parts down. It was fun as hell :-) I even got to put some tracks down with Hank Dekkon of Rosie and Nevada Beach where we throw guitar solo stuff back and forth on "brothal". Hank is a very smooth and talented player.

1.Seperate Lives
2.Blue Dream
4.Make me mad

1993-1996: Hostile Witness

Tim Kirk and I , And I should mention Pete Richard , good friend, who entered the scene during Tantrum and became our sound guy in Hostile Witness, In fact he was who came up with the name "Hostile Witness" ;-) Anyway, After Jimmy left Tantrum , we didnt give up and got Al Finigan to play bass for us. This was a great thing because he was a kickass bass player. So We decided to start fresh with new songs and new name and Hostile Witness was born, And the music got even heavier. We played a fair amount , mostly parties , a few clubs like Ginos in Portland. This was at a time when alt / grunge music like Nirvana, Stone Temple was at its high and heavy music was not very popular. We did a bunch of recordings. Two at Daves Studio, and two self recorded sessions which came to be known as the "Celler Dwellers" recordings. In this band I learned alot and had alot of fun! This was the band that was the most fun for me. In 1996 the band ended up going our seperate ways.

2.In My Head
3.The Test
4.Feeling Blind
7.Seen the signs
8.Slip Away
9.You Lied
10.My Own - original
12.Dont Ya Listen
15.Force to be Reckoned With
17.Who can you trust

1999-2001: Childs Play

After taking a break for a few years, a friend and collegue at work and good bass player Chuck Rose, and a friend of his Marc, that played drums got together and started jamming and Childs Play was off and going. In this band the music was a bit mellower than other stuff Ive done but was just as fun. We wrote our own material and did some covers as well. We played some gigs and had lots of fun, Good Times :-) The band didnt last very long as work crap got in the way. The song "Childs Play" has special meaning for me as its about my kids. The recording of Childs Play was done by Pete Richard who also was the sound man for Hostile Witness and long time friend.

1.Childs Play
3.Drink Away
5.Make Me So Mad

2004-2008: KIPE

Again joining forces with the Killer brothers, Tim and Kirk and Jeff. We ran through a few singers before we got Edwin to sing with us and we ended up doing a demo at Glen Travis's studio.We did ALOT of playing out in this band at places like the Brickhouse in Dover. Due to myspace at the time we ended up making a name for ourselves and tended to play with a group of other heavy bands in the area so we got alot of exposure and alot of gigs. Edwin ended up leaving and we got Jerry to sing for us. This dude had a powerful voice !! In 2007 we did another recording self produced. Jeff went and bought all the gear and walla Jeffs Studio. Good times and lots of gigs. The most gigs I've done in any original band. At our high point we opened for Godforbid and also we opened for Joey Belladonna from Anthrax and his side project at Marks Showplace in Bedford NH. Way to cool :-) It should be mentioned that Tim Killer did a majority of the music writting in this band. The man really stepped up his game and kicked ass ! As a whole this was the band that had the most success.

1.Chicks Dig Scares
2.My Own - Revived
5.Doing Time
9.My Own -redone ,,,,again lol

2012-2014: JerryRigged

In 2012 I got the chance to play covers with x-singer of KIPE, Jerry and make a little money and have a ton of fun. After I learned all thier songs, Jerry started getting gigs together playing the local club scene in southern Maine and NH. We were playing 2 or 3 weekends a month in the winter, and in the summer we were playing nearly every week. I have to mention these dudes cause they are a great group of friends. So thank you Jerry, Ron, Eric and Larry, for all the great times ! I do want to mention Jerry Jr, as well because he played drums with us here and there not to mention hes a kickass drummer.